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    Radars are needed to detect low-flying, small drones and engagement is the endgame.

    Raytheon's STSS tracking system has provided space-based missile warning for 10 years. Now it's inspiring the next generation of low-earth-orbit systems.

    Rapid software development methods help NORAD to remain agile.

    This new tech can transform naval mine countermeasures.

    在线免费观看Raytheon engineer Justin Wilson applies his engineering skills to music arranging and brings home a Grammy for it.

    Raytheon CFO will assume new role following merger of Raytheon and United Technologies

    在线免费观看Raytheon is offering a suite of advanced munitions, radars, navigation and landing systems for fourth- and fifth-generation fighter aircraft.

    The Cyber Anomaly Detection System, or CADS, that reveals cyber intrusions, tampering and hacks, notifying aircraft and vehicle crews of suspicious behavior.

    Raytheon, Boys & Girls Clubs donate packs of supplies to thousands of kids.