missile defense

missile defense

When it comes to missile defense, no nation — and no system — can stand alone.

Protecting people, places and the principle of sovereignty itself takes vision. It takes precision. It takes technologically advanced sensors, satellites and interceptors, working in layers to defeat all types of threats, from short-range missiles to hypersonic warheads hurtling through space.
Raytheon's breakthrough missile defense technologies enable sensors to see farther. They mean command-and-control systems can process data faster. And they mean operators can guide interceptors to their targets with even greater precision. Deployed around the world and drawing on the company's decades-long dedication to reliability and readiness, these technologies are helping the U.S., its friends and allies make the world a safer place.

Learn how sensors, command and control systems, and interceptors track and eliminate threats.



Countering threats starts with seeing them. Raytheon's sea, ground and space-based sensors offer a layered approach to detect, discriminate and track those threats across domains.

Sea-Based Sensors

在线免费观看Defend the homeland from far offshore by precisely identifying, detecting and tracking ballistic missiles.

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Land-Based Sensors

在线免费观看Provide protection where it’s needed most by detecting launches to prevent missile attacks.

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Space-Based Sensors

在线免费观看Give commanders vital information from different orbits to quickly execute missile warning and defense missions.

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Command and control systems

Command and Control

Missile defense missions require clarity and control. Raytheon specializes in linking different systems so they operate as a coordinated whole.

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missiles and interceptors


Missiles and incoming warheads pose a threat to the United States and its allies. Raytheon’s missiles and interceptors defeat these threats, from sophisticated ballistic missiles to crude rockets and mortars.

Patriot GEM-T Missile

Defeats threats such as tactical ballistic missiles, aircraft and cruise missiles.

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SM-3 Interceptor

在线免费观看Destroys short-, intermediate- and long-range ballistic missiles. In cooperation with Japan, Raytheon is developing the next-generation SM-3 Block IIA interceptor.

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Kill Vehicles

Use sensors, lenses and rocket thrusters to pick out warheads, steer into their paths and destroy long-range ballistic missiles in space.

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SM-6 Missile

Destroys cruise missiles and ballistic missiles in their final stage of flight from land or at sea.

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air and missile defense solutions

Air and Missile Defense Systems

Our solutions evolve with the threats. These tailorable systems consist of radars, command and control technology, and interceptors to defend against a full spectrum of threats.

Global Patriot Solutions

Defeat tactical ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, drones, advanced aircraft and other threats.

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Offers air defenders a highly adaptable, mid-range solution for any operational air defense requirement.

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Iron Dome and Skyhunter Systems

Destroy a variety of lower-tier threats with pinpoint accuracy.

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David's Sling System and Skyceptor Missile

在线免费观看Protect against missile and aircraft threats at medium range.

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News & Resources

United in strength

United in strength

在线免费观看Allied missile defense exercise helps to build a shield of protection.

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security above earth

Security above Earth

Raytheon is developing a payload for a more resilient missile warning system.

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Show me the radar

Show me the Radar

Everything you need to know about the Lower Tier Air and Missile Defense Sensor.

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Cooperating with Japan

The Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance discusses the importance of cooperating with Japan to increase missile defense capabilities.

Hypersonic Flight

Hypersonic Flight

Raytheon explores the promise of hypersonic flight and the hard problems engineers must solve to master it.

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Why We Test

Raytheon shares lessons learned when missile defense tech is put through its paces.

Missile Defense Review

From Forbes, Raytheon’s position in the Pentagon's new missile defense plan.

LTAMDS "Sense Off"

From Inside Defense, the U.S. Army selects Raytheon to compete in the Sense-Off tech challenge.

Vision with Precision

Raytheon's missile defense solutions span the entire spectrum of threat detection and response.